SAPS: Student Association for Psychedelic Studies
MICH: Michigan Initiative for Community Healing
MPS: Michigan Psychedelic Society
SSDP: Students for Sensible Drug Policy


Epiphany Mushroom Company is a mycological manufacturer and service provider with operations in Michigan, Ohio, and Colorado.

Blue Sage Health’s mission is to educate and empower you to achieve your highest quality of life with transformative and plant based medicines. We provide our clients with unparalleled expertise with the following services….Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Psychedelic Therapy Training Program, Professional Consultation (Individual and Group), and Psychedelic Preparation and Integration (Individual and Group).

3ntheogenik is a Michigan based company that provides psilocybin genetics for beginner and experienced mycologists. In addition to the website, 3ntheogenik has a thriving Discord community focused on educating beginner mycologists on eco-friendly and affordable mycology methods. Free your mind, find your soul.

Michigan Progressive Health is our state’s leading provider of ketamine-assisted psychedelic therapy, treating a wide range of mental health and chronic pain conditions with personalized treatment plans. As one of Michigan’s first ketamine providers, we are uniquely experienced in integrative psychiatry, trauma-informed care, and one of the only clinics with full-time, ketamine-assisted psychotherapists.

The Novel mission is to empower people to lead healthier and happier lives through innovative and natural forms of therapy. Our goal is to make this therapy accessible to as many people as possible. We are community driven, research focused, and we always remember – THE MAGIC IS YOU! *In all we do, we acknowledge and hold deep respect for indigenous cultures who have utilized entheogenic plants and fungi as medicine for thousands of years.

Alessi Center offers a unique, integrated approach to psychiatry including Ketamine therapies. The Center uses a broad combination of psychopharmacological and psychiatric techniques to address each case. Norman Alessi, M.D. has over 45 years of experience at the University of Michigan Department of Psychiatry. He is actively involved in every case regardless of age or condition.

Michigan Psychedelic Society is a community of people interested in the profound role psychedelics play in the expansion of consciousness. MPS is a parent org for the various groups that sprung out of their base (Michigan Initiative for Community Healing, Decriminalize Nature Michigan, and Entheofest). We are helping to keep the community unified and work towards our common psychedelic goals. MPS is a 501c3 non-profit organization.

We sell mushroom spores for research purposes. Have been selling for just over 3 years with very positive reviews.

A nonprofit media company creating original content in the Great Lakes region. Producers of the LINE 5 Documentary Series.

Green Stem is a family owned and operated cannabis dispensary located in Niles, Michigan. Offering a wide menu with products for all consumers – located in SW Michigan near the Indiana border.

I provide mycology and microscopy supplies, spores from active species (no cultures), gourmet cultures and some supplies (no grain or substrate).

Triple Phoenix creates classic and unique cannabis edibles. We work to rise above the stigma of cannabis in all forms.

Terrestrial Magick encompasses Terrestrial Energy Healing and Terrestrial Plant Magic. We use a variety of holistic healing modalities to heal the whole person, including sound healing, Reiki, crystal magick, wellness garden planning, holistic nutrition, plant medicine, and sacred animal medicines.

Tree to Table – Ann Arbor is a furniture maker that specializes in live-edge custom hardwood furniture. We use local trees that have been saved from the chainsaws of local development, and we work with local ironworkers and lumber experts to create heirloom-quality furniture. All our products are one of a kind, and they are custom designed to fit your specific needs.

We cultivate and sell gourmet mushrooms. We offer gourmet grow kits, liquid cultures and supplies.

Distributor of sustainable laboratory autoclaves used in microbioloby labs, including food & beverage and pharmaceutical research.

Insight Mental Health Services is a Michigan telehealth private practice offering psychedelic psychiatry and psychotherapy services by board-certified psychiatrist, Jamie Sweigart, D.O. Services include medication management, psychedelic-assisted therapy evaluations, second opinions, case consultations for facilitators, and preparation/integration support.

Winewood Organics is the only Cannabis Microbusiness in Ann Arbor. We are a cannabis farm, hash lab and dispensary rolled into one, cultivating and producing single-source flower, concentrates, edibles and more. We strive to be a place “where the weed is better.”

Michigan’s top activist brand. A portion of each sale of a Redemption product will help support individuals and families disproportionately affected by the war on cannabis. Proceeds will benefit those that are still incarcerated, on probation, or trying to get their lives back on track.

We play gongs, tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, flutes, didgeridoos, drums, chimes, and bells to facilitate the creation of a deeply healing energy field that surrounds you and fills you with positive vibrations.

Unity Vibration Kombucha! The world’s 1st hard kombucha, based in Ypsilanti, Michigan infused with only the finest fair-trade organic ingredients, sacred sound vibrations, and LOVE ~ HEALTH ~ POSSIBILITY. Never pasteurized and always authentic!

Dori Balm Recovery Rub is a highly concentrated, terpene-rich, reliable, and effective topical sought after for 20+ years! Blended concentrated hemp oil with aromatic and medicinal herbs have created a skin-loving salve! Dori Balm is an effective and reparative treatment for anywhere that is achy or irritated and provides relief for a variety of ailments. Find soothing moisture and healing alchemy within this potent potion. Feel Better!

Apothecare Ann Arbor is a locally owned and operated organic cannabis company & dispensary. We are a team of friendly cannabis and wellness professionals who focus on cultivating high-quality organic cannabis products for the Ann Arbor community and the State of Michigan. We are Michigan’s first certified organic cannabis company and are committed to a sustainable, holistic approach towards cannabis cultivation and sales.

The Student Association for Psychedelic Studies (SAPS) at The University of Michigan is a place for students and community members to learn about and discuss the growing body of research on therapeutic uses of psychedelics and related political, ethical, and PODS (privilege, oppression, diversity, and social justice) issues. We hope to expand objective awareness and promote fair and responsible access to alternative treatments.

At Sons and Daughters United we have made it our mission to create programs that allow for underprivileged communities to thrive despite criminal records, legal

allegations, or disabilities. 

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP) is an international grassroots network of students who know that the War on Drugs is failing our generation and our society. SSDP mobilizes and empowers young people to participate in the political process, pushing for sensible policies to achieve a safer and more just future, while fighting back against counterproductive Drug War policies, particularly those that directly harm students and young people. Students for Sensible Drug Policy does not condemn or encourage drug use: we respect the right of individuals to make choices for their own health and well-being.

Since being established in 2014, The Detroit Psychedelic Society has been known to push the envelope so to speak in moving forward all positive energy as it relates to Psychedelics. It’s this standard of excellence that has provided the impetus for us to grow into the family and community based business we are today. DPS also hosts the infamous Detroit Psychedelic Conference and the Women and Enthoegens Conference.

A non-profit, local volunteer-led, peer-based, harm reduction education and supplies resources for the Michigan Nightlife community. Well-known and respected as leaders in the nightlife community, Michigan Dancesafe is dedicated to helping us all have a great time together with education and resources on consent, safety, and extracurricular chemicals, plants and fungi.

Michigan Weedsters mission is to create an alliance between Michigan businesses and the Patients & Caregivers to stand up against bad corporations, Municipal Ordinance Changes, Medical Marijuana Policy Reform, and ensure our freedoms are not infringed upon.

Interest in and availability of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes has increased in recent decades. We are conducting a large, anonymous, online survey to better understand the naturalistic use of psychedelics and how it relates to mainstream healthcare. We have published several papers in peer reviewed journals from previous Entheofest surveys.

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